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Learning UX Writing can be challenging—heavily-paywalled research, expensive courses, and all that theoretical mumbo-jumbo.

Not at UX Writing Bud.

Here you’ll get easy-to-chew, actionable lessons around UX Writing and Content Design without breaking the bank.

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I’m on a mission to democratise UX Writing and Content Design education. No gatekeeping.

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If you’re curious about me…

I’m an engineer-turned-business grad who followed her heart into writing. And that has been a wild ride.

From writing for businesses and consumer brands in creative agencies to working on the product (physical and digital), my search for truth and transparency landed me at UX’s doorstep, and I transitioned to UX writing and Content Design.

In all 11+ years of my career, I learned more from trial and error, my peers and seniors than from books and courses. So, everything I share here is rooted in real life.

When I’m not obsessing over this newsletter, I’m obsessing over my daughter’s antics, having deep conversations with cats (they're great listeners, you know), experimenting in the kitchen, nurturing my plant babies, illustrating in Procreate, working on my next book, watching fantasy fiction, planning my next trip or just catching up some zzz.

Looking forward to having you on board,

Cheers! 🎉

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